How Check Connection Works

For the Prosecutor
With Check Connection, prosecutors need only say “Yes.” Nothing really changes – except he or she consents to handle an increase in the number of checks. Prosecutors maintain their standard procedures. They maintain full control and they maintain their standard fee structure. There are no costs associated with Check Connection. A Check Connection representative will help you with the sign up process but there’s little else required – only a few basic questions about how your particular bad check program works and how you want to receive the added flow of checks.

For the Merchant
Check Connection takes care of all the administrative issues so there is little for you to worry about.

  • Check Connection will provide you with a list of zip codes where we have prosecutors participating in the program. This list is growing rapidly.
  • When your collection process has been exhausted, simply transmit the checks to Check Connection – electronically or on paper.
  • Check Connection handles all the preparation and distribution of those checks to the various Prosecutors’ programs. We assure compliance with each program’s requirements and send the checks to each prosecutor’s office per their requirements. It is at this point you benefit from the extraordinary power of the prosecutors’ programs. Your checks get individual attention. The check writers get individual attention – and lots of it. Your chances of a successful recovery improve dramatically.
  • Any questions that the prosecutors’ offices have about the check will be directed to Check Connection who, if necessary, will forward questions to your office. This enables efficient communication; you will have one single contact point, Check Connection.
  • The Prosecutors remit the money they have recovered and Check Connection forwards it to you within seven days. One hundred percent of the face amount of every check recovered is returned to your bottom line.
  • When restitution attempts fail, the checks will either be prosecuted or returned.

For Banks
Check Connection works with hundreds of prosecutors plus multiple collection agencies and re-presentment companies. Every FollowThrough program can be customized to meet statutory requirements and Check Connection will work to develop a program that benefits everyone involved - especially the bank and its customers.