Connecting Merchants & Prosecutors Bad Check Programs

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The Merchants Perspective
Check Connection handles all the logistics: organization, distribution, assuring compliance and more. For merchants, it's a one-source solution to bad checks, giving you high restitution rates with virtually no added work. Check Connection can improve your bottom line.

The Prosecutor's Perspective
Check Connection is the source for more bad checks and, in some areas, many more. Cases come to you, pre-screened to your program's requirements. You handle the cases as any other - no reduction in fees and no additional hassle. Check Connection can provide more bad checks for your bad check program.

The Bank's Perspective
Businesses that accept checks inevitably accept checks that are dishonored. When that happens, banks usually report the rejected check to the victim and the check writer then, leave it up to them to resolve the matter. Check Connection's FollowThrough is a way for banks to help it's business customers maximize their chances of recovering bad checks. Not only is there no cost to the bank, there is an opportunity to create a substantial inocme stream by offering this service to business clients.