Following Through for Your Customers

followthrough brochureBad Check Recovery Services
Businesses that accept checks inevitably accept checks that are dishonored. When that happens, Banks usually report the rejected check to the victim and the check writer then, leave it up to them to resolve the matter.

That’s when re-deposit (or re-presentment) companies, collection agencies and even the prosecutor may get involved. It’s a several hundred million dollar industry and, as the passive element, Banks have traditionally not earned any portion of that income – past the dishonored check fees they assess. That can change – in the Bank’s favor.

Check Connection’s FollowThrough is a way for Banks to help its business customers maximize their chances of recovering bad checks. Not only is there no cost to the Bank, there is an opportunity to create a substantial income stream by offering this service to business clients.

Check Connection works with hundreds of prosecutors plus multiple collection agencies and re-presentment companies.

The people at Check Connection have been helping victims recover bad checks for nearly two decades. While Check Connection works with various check warranty companies, collection agencies and re-presentment companies, its large network of prosecuting attorneys’ offices is the real key to its success.

No other resource comes close to prosecutors’ bad check diversion programs when it comes to success rates and cost efficiency. Many prosecutors’ programs boast recovery rates over 50% and most return a victim service fee in addition to the full face value of the dishonored check.

However, prosecutors’ programs do not accept all bad checks. When that’s the case, Check Connection can direct the check to the next most advantageous resource. Even if all attempts fail, victims can be assured that everything that could be done on their behalf was done.